Castéra-Verduzan Thermal springwater is a genuine source of benefits for the mouth.

The Thermal springwater, which flows and draws slowly through different geological layers, charges in mineral salts and trace elements, the equivalence of 1301mg/l of dry residue at 180°C. This sulphate calcic magnesian water acquires therefore specific therapeutic properties.

Directly drawn at the source, the Thermal springwater is first analyzed in laboratory before feeding the three manufacturing workshops. By a unique process in the world, BUCCOTHERM® restores a basic pH to the water which permits to fight against mouth acidity, responsible for carious disease.

Its noticeable properties on gums and teeth have been scientifically proven by numerous research.

Composition of the Thermal Springwate
Action of the Thermal springwater on mucus
Rich in mineral salts and trace elements (sulphates, bicarbonates, calcium, magnesium, fluoride and iron)
Its content in mineral salts and trace elements gives it healing, soothing and remineralizing properties.
Saturated in oxygen
Its high rate in oxygen provokes an antibacteria action on strict anaerobic germs (infectious germ destroyed by oxygen).
Basic pH (pH = 8,1)
The basic pH regulates mouth acidity, main factor of the unbalanced mouth ecosystem.
100% respectful of mouth flora