About Medex Sia

Our company Medex specializes in tooth bleaching products, cosmetic products and pharmaceutical products wholesale. We offer wide range of pharmaceutical products. 
Our distribution network is fully compliant with GDP requirements.

We offer everything required to make you more smiley and buoyant. Medex represents world’s leading tooth bleaching brands: SupersmileMiradentWisdom, Buccotherm, Elmex, Dentek (UK)

Tooth bleaching has become a must in dentistry nowadays. There are few procedures in dentistry that make patients so excited. In near future, almost all treatment plans are to include tooth bleaching.

Whiter teeth in home conditions together with Supersmile!

One of the “fathers” of the world’s esthetic dentistry, Dr. Irwin Smigel has created an active bleaching substance  Calprox (calcium peroxide – a scientifically patented new bleaching agent). For the first time in history, one can bleach teeth safely, harmlessly and without enamel abrasion. SUPERSMILE products are the only ones that include Calprox tooth bleaching substances, which makes SUPERSMILE No. 1 in this field. Thanks to Calprox, one can enjoy nearly professional tooth cleaning at home!

It is only due to the lack of information that people still consider tooth cleaning harmful!

Query us and we are going to prove that it is not the case!

We are a team of professionals! We are going to help you have a dazzling white smile, which will improve your self-esteem, your teeth hygiene and may even help you obtain promotion at work! It can also become your business!!!